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Criminal Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale Wins Appeal to Reduce Sentence

Fort Lauderdale, FL (15/01/2015) – Richard F. Della Fera, un renombrado abogado penalista de Fort Lauderdale, apeló con éxito una petición para una reducción de sentencia en el caso de EE.UU. vs. Mervin Dorival, Nro. de caso 04-83. El Honorable Juez de Distrito suplente Juan Sanchez, del Tribunal de Distrito de los Estados Unidos [...]

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Accused of Theft? Get Help from a Trusted Fort Lauderdale Attorney

Last February 10, 2015, Matthew Stevens was put on trial for crimes involving organized fraud and grand theft. He and his wife, Gina Stevens, were accused of stealing from an elderly veteran by the name of Charles Haas. According to the prosecution, Gina Stevens, a Fort Lauderdale resident who was about 60 [...]

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Should You Seek help from a Fort Lauderdale Criminal Attorney Service?

Dealing with criminal charges can be stressful and vexing. To guide and support you throughout the process, you will need the help of a criminal attorney in Fort Lauderdale. Florida has an extensive penal code that covers just about every crime you can think of. Generally, these criminal offenses can be categorized [...]

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Work with a Fort Lauderdale Lawyer for Representation Regarding Charges with Mandatory Minimum Sentences

Marissa Alexander is a mother of three.  In July 2010, Marissa fired a “warning shot” at her estranged husband, Rico Gray, who had a history of domestic violence.  Despite causing no injuries and having no criminal record, Marissa was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. During the trial, Marissa pleaded self-defense and rejected a three-year [...]

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Battling Sexual Battery—Help from a Fort Lauderdale Criminal Attorney

Two Louisiana high school teachers were sent to jail last October 2014 after being charged with felony charges of carnal knowledge of a juvenile, contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile, and indecent behavior with a juvenile. According to Jefferson Parish authorities, the two teachers—Shelley S. Dufresne and Rachel Respess—met with a Destrehan High School [...]

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Fort Lauderdale Criminal Attorney for Invasion of Privacy Case Clients

Last February in Florida, a case of a robbery involving BB guns seemed to be an easy win for the prosecutors. However, according to The Washington Post, “[B]efore trial, his defense team detected investigators’ use of a secret surveillance tool, one that raises significant privacy concerns.” This led to the state judge offering the accused [...]

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Criminal Defense Attorney in Fort Lauderdale: Domestic Violence Claims

Nineteen years ago, a young girl from Florida was separated from her family after her mother was charged with domestic violence for reportedly giving her extra dosages of medications. Jennifer Bush, now reunited with her family, stated in an online article from Sun Sentinel that her mother never abused her in the first place. The [...]

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A Fort Lauderdale Criminal Lawyer Can Claim Entrapment as Defense

It is up to the police authorities to make sure that the streets are kept clean of criminal activity.  Unfortunately, there are cases when these operations are orchestrated and set up to facilitate the commission of the crime, before pinning it on an unsuspecting individual. It is then up to an experienced Fort Lauderdale criminal [...]

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Fort Lauderdale Criminal Attorney Gives False Testimony Cases Defense

Scientific or forensic evidence are usually reliable most of the time—or at least it should be. However, this was apparently not the case when it came to the FBI’s hair analysis process. According to the Washington Post, “The Justice Department and FBI have formally acknowledged that nearly every examiner in an elite FBI forensic unit [...]

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Internet Copyright Problems? Why You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney

The internet is a free space for social interactions and information archives. Oddly, however, the internet is also filled with many intellectual and creative copyright infringement cases. The copy-paste idea, along with social media practices like repost, retweet, and pin sometimes creates troubling issues for businesses and individuals alike. The idea of what is public [...]

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