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Best Defense: Criminal Attorney Can Help Stop a Case from Being Filed

If you have been arrested or are under investigation, the most effective strategy is to hire a criminal attorney that can immediately begin your defense through the preliminary phase of pre-filing representation to prevent charges from ever being filed at all.  At this stage of a criminal defense case, there is a valuable window of [...]

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Criminal Defense Attorney in Fort Lauderdale: Knowing Robbery Charges

A maximum of 20 years imprisonment awaits two robbers after a Galleria Mall heist that caused panic among shoppers in Fort Lauderdale, according to the Sun Sentinel. The day prior to the arrest, both suspects along with two accomplices reportedly barged inside the Galleria Mall, an upscale shopping center in the city, and forced everyone [...]

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Criminal Attorney in Fort Lauderdale: Rights When Arrested in Florida

The primary goal of a criminal attorney is to keep his client out of jail and ensure that no human or legal rights are violated. The lawyer has to determine and establish certain grounds to make sure that he wins his client’s case, among which are insufficient evidence, lack of probable cause, and erroneous criminal [...]

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How a Trusted Criminal Attorney can Defend You from Double Jeopardy

The 1999 crime-thriller film Double Jeopardy, for some, might seem a plausible summary for the Double Jeopardy Clause of the Fifth Amendment. The film shows the story of a woman wrongly convicted for the murder of her husband, who was later revealed to be alive.  Claiming that the Double Jeopardy Clause would protect her from [...]

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Disprove Forgery Claims through a Fort Lauderdale Criminal Attorney

Affixing signatures is one way of giving weight to official documentation for certain activities, from bank checks to something as vital as international documents. Problems are sure to arise, however, if one’s signature is affixed to a document by another person. If this is your dilemma, you must sort out this crisis with a criminal [...]

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Arrested? Call a Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorney Quickly

If you are arrested in Fort Lauderdale or South Florida, it is best to contact a lawyer as quickly as possible. A criminal charge is serious and can have severe consequences such as jail time, and a criminal record. Getting legal help as soon as possible can make things easier for you.  A lawyer may [...]

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Let a Criminal Attorney Tell You What to Do When You Get Arrested

Whether you’ve been arrested, you know someone who has recently been arrested, or you merely want to learn about your rights should this happen to you, it’s important for you to learn essential information about your rights and how you should act to prevent yourself from encountering more legal trouble. Learn more by knowing these [...]

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