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Implied consent and DUI

Implied consent  One of the more intricate, but important, rules that fall under DUI law is "implied consent." What this rule says is that if someone is lawfully arrested by a police officer for driving under the influence of alcohol, then they must consent to a breath, blood or urine test to determine their blood [...]

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Florida’s Harsh drug laws

Floridas drug laws Florida has some of the harshest drug laws throughout the nation. Even those who do not sell drugs could see over a decade in prison time if the court convicts them of any form of drug trafficking or distribution. What makes matters worse is Florida’s laws towards minimum sentencing. Under current standards, [...]

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Direct appeal and Post conviction relief

What are the differences between Direct appeal and Post-conviction relief In the event that someone is found guilty of a crime during a criminal trial, The initial trial conviction isn't always final, and there are several ways that the case can be examined again. Between a direct appeal and post-conviction relief motion, a criminal conviction can [...]

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Can you get charged with DUI on horseback

Lakeland woman charged with DUI on horseback On November 4, 2017, Donna Byrne, was seen riding a horse while under the influence of alcohol on a busy highway on Combee Road near North Crystal Road in Lakeland.  Byrne was found around 3 PM, smelled like alcohol, her eyes were watery red, and she got off [...]

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Illegal Search, is Evidence Suppressed?

What many people fail to realize is that all citizens of the United States have a Fourth Amendment right against illegal searches created by the U.S. Constitution, and any evidence that comes from an illegal search may be suppressed at trial. Florida’s constitution in Article I, Section 12, creates state law that mimics and reiterates [...]

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Crimes Committed by NFL Players

When could a  Criminal Defense Attorney be needed? Whether your a celebrity or a regular person, you could be in need of a criminal defense attorney. Football players are big shots on and off the field, but that doesn’t mean they never get in trouble with the law. Here are five notorious criminal defense cases [...]

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Drug Possession with Children in the Car.

Drug Possession A suspected drug dealer was arrested for possession while allegedly carrying 70 baggies of possible heroin, four grams of marijuana, six grams of cocaine, $4,000 in cash — and had kids ages 1, 2 and 5 in his back seat, according to police. The multi-agency bust happened Tuesday afternoon after investigators got a tip that [...]

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Passenger arrested after Confrontation with Pilot

Passenger arrested after Confrontation with Pilot   Surveillance footage linked here shows the tense moments leading up to an altercation last week between a pilot and a passenger at Kansas City International Airport in Missouri. The video shows two men entering the airport through an American Airlines gate on April 12. One man is wearing [...]

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