In the city of Fort Lauderdale (and ideally, any other city in this country), a defendant is innocent until proven guilty. The concept of bail revolves around this ideology.


Bail refers to the temporary release of a criminal defendant in exchange for a sum of money deemed proper by the court. This mechanism ensures that those who are truly innocent will not experience imprisonment and those accused will have more time and freedom to prepare for the case with a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney. It is a system that serves to guarantee that the criminal defendant released from jail will return for his or her impending trial, while the court holds their money as collateral. The amount of bail is dependent upon several reasons.

The severity of the alleged offense, the accused’s potential of being a flight-risk and the defendant being a prospective threat to the community will all play a role in determining how much should be posted to be freed. The amount set can reach up to hundreds of thousands, and unfortunately, some of the accused don’t have capability to provide such an exorbitant sum. It’s a criminal lawyer’s duty to fight for their client’s basic rights and advocate for their early release on bail on the best terms possible. According to an article in, “the constitutional protections, as well as the Bail Reform Act (a federal statute), give a defendant the right to request lower bail when the amount initially set by the court is too high to pay. A defendant can request a hearing to seek a bail reduction.” Being granted bail or lowering its amount rests solely upon the lawyer’s skill in bail advocacy. An effective lawyer will ask for detailed information and contact your family and peers for interviews and references. This is because it is the criminal lawyer’s responsibility to show their client in the best light possible and bring up facts regarding the defendant’s reputation and positive attributes in order to influence the court’s decision. If you are ever in need of a criminal defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale who practices effective client advocacy, attorneys such as Richard F. Della Fera will help you see your case through. (Source: How a Bail Reduction Hearing Works,