Two college football players were arrested recently on charges of sexually assaulting a fellow student. An article from provides more details:

“Police arrested UM linebackers 20-year-old Alex Figueroa and 20-year-old JaWand Blue on the charges, Tuesday. According to police, last Saturday, Figueroa and Blue took a 17-year-old teenage girl to a dorm room at Pearson Hall and allegedly raped the victim.

According to arrest documents, Figueroa and Blue both had something placed in the victim’s drink, without her knowledge, that left her physically incapacitated.”

Getting arrested can be a horrifying experience, and that’s putting it lightly. Your first instinct may be to panic, but that is the last thing you should do.


Although you are being arrested, never forget that you are still entitled to your rights, especially your Miranda Right. In the event that you are arrested, make sure you fully take advantage of these rights:


The Right to Remain Silent


In the scenario of the two student-athletes, they came forward and confessed to the crime. In your case, you shouldn’t be so eager to talk to the police.


The right to remain silent protects you in two ways. The first way is that it protects you against self-incrimination. By remaining silent, you avoid saying something that can be used against you if you are indicted. The second way it protects you is that your silence can never be used to suggest guilt.


If you are arrested, verbally invoke your right to remain silent. Should you wish to speak to police officers, wait until your trusted Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney is present in the room to protect your rights.


The Right to an Attorney


Contrary to popular belief, you generally get more than one phone call when you are arrested—so long as the other person is willing to accept the collect charges. Make sure that one of the people you call is a criminal defense attorney like Richard F. Della Ferra, Esq. In fact, you may want to keep the number of an experienced Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney in your wallet at all times, just in case.


(Source: 2 UM players arrested on sexual assault charges; WSVN Miami / Fort Lauderdale; July 9, 2014)