In the way, Bon Jovi carved out a secondary career for himself in the flicks, In little seen independents mostly, Such as homegrown (1998) And Row your primary Boat (2000), you receive is TV, In shows like Ally McBeal as West Wing. in which, operating in 2007, He decided to go a little country and came out with “Who Says rrt is possible to Go Home, Which turned him and Bon Jovi into the first rockband ever to hit number one on Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Anything he has wanted do, He has approximately been able to do. He owns mansions in New jersey and in Long Island and plunked down $26 million on a ny penthouse apartment with six bedrooms, Six bathing pools, Three balconies, Two Stitched NFL Jerseys Cheap U.S., Fan Sport Merchandise kitchen sets, A verification room, and also gym. while 2000, He went out with respect to support his pal Al Gore and did the same four years later for John Kerry. He is always deeply philanthropic, Mainly for Habitat for Humanity. by using 2005, During an appearance on the oprah Show, He spontaneously pledged $1 million to reconstruction efforts in New Orleans. more recently, He took the arena tennis team that he co owns, The Philadelphia heart, And used its name to determine the Philadelphia Soul Charitable Foundation, which former president Bill Clinton as a major supporter and has rehabbed a block of 15 homes in north Philadelphia.