There are thousands of court cases every single day in the United States and sometimes, the outcomes of these court proceedings aren’t always ideal. The United States Constitution states that it is your constitutional right to appeal a court’s decision if you believe the outcome was unjust or unfavorable. The important thing is to know who to contact once you’re at this step of the judicial process.

There are more than 1,268,000 lawyers in the United States. Each person’s situation is different. You may end up needing an assault and battery attorney, a robbery defense lawyer, DUI lawyer or even Federal criminal attorneys in some cases. Knowing your rights and which law professionals to seek out can save you from a difficult law process that you may not know much about.

If you’re the appellant — the person pursuing the appeal — you’re going to need to contact qualified appeals lawyers to help assist you throughout the court process. The appeal process is when a legal proceeding is brought to a higher court so that the lower court’s decision can be reviewed and adjusted accordingly.

When the right justice was originally denied by a lower court, appeals lawyers can step in and make it right to the best of their ability. Lower courts — and all courts for that matter — are not perfect institutions and can end up making mistakes that could cost someone their livelihood. Experienced and professional appeals lawyers can provide you with the legal counsel you need to fight any unjust decisions brought against you.

There are a few issues facing the appeal process that make it tough on defendants. The overall caseload in the U.S. makes it difficult for each person to get the legal assistance they need. There would need to be about 6,900 more public defenders to assist everyone in the current U.S. caseload.

Because of this high caseload, many defense attorneys have adopted a “meet ’em and plead ’em” routine which means they meet with their clients only a few moments before their court hearings and encourage them to admit guilt simply just to finish the case. This is obviously a problem, especially for the defendants that are — in fact — not guilty.

Luckily, about 60% of state judicial systems don’t allow attorneys to turn down cases simply because they don’t have the time.

Despite these issues, if you know your rights and are knowledgeable enough about your case, contacting the right law firm with experienced lawyers will provide you with the legal help you need and hopefully the justice you deserve.