If you are arrested in Fort Lauderdale or South Florida, it is best to contact a lawyer as quickly as possible. A criminal charge is serious and can have severe consequences such as jail time, and a criminal record. Getting legal help as soon as possible can make things easier for you.  A lawyer may even succeed in getting the charges against you dropped, or negotiate for a lighter sentence. Here’s a brief overview of how a lawyer can help.trial

What Criminal Defense Attorneys Do?

A criminal defense attorney like Richard F. Della Fera will work hard to protect a client’s person’s rights and obtain the best possible outcome for the situation. For the unwary or inexperienced the criminal justice system  is challenging to negotiate efficiently and effectively. For example, what appears to be a innocent police interview, has the potential to create bigger problems resulting in legal ramifications. Detectives often use questioning tactics that can lead you towards incriminating yourself.  Some interrogators will try to intimidate suspects; therefore, you should have a lawyer representing you present for all questioning.

How Can They Help?

A police interrogation after an arrest is just the beginning of the process. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help guide you through the rest of the procedures. When a person is arrested for a crime, he or she will need to appear in court for an “arraignment.” An Arraignment is a formal accusation against a person for an alleged crime. Having an attorney represent you at an arraignment can ensure you take the most advantageous path for your defense and plea at this time.

A seasoned criminal defense lawyer immediately begins strategizing your defense by doing his or her own investigation, reviewing police reports, and examining the evidence presented.

Ensure Your Rights

When faced with an arrest, don’t give up.  Contact a lawyer immediately to protect your freedom and your rights.

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