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Govt. Held to The Same Standard as Defendants on Appeal

One of the most common complaints one hears in the practice of appellate law is: The Government is never held to the same standard as the criminal defendant on appeal.  Whether it’s waiver during the trial-level proceedings, or a purported waiver during oral argument or in the briefing, it often seems like appellate courts give [...]


Federal Grand Jury: What is it and Purpose

What is the Purpose of a Federal Grand Jury? A Federal Grand Jury is an integral part of almost any federal criminal case.  Grand jury testimony often becomes a key issue in a federal criminal trial.  But what is a Grand Jury exactly?  How is it different than any other jury?  How is the federal [...]

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Margate EX-Commissioner Facing Prison

Margate EX-Commissioner Facing Prison A former city commissioner in Florida is facing prison time after he was convicted of corruption charges arising from a tiki bar he operated in a strip mall. According to court records, a jury found 56-year-old David McLean guilty of bribery, official misconduct and theft charges late Monday. McLean was a commissioner in [...]

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Do the police have the right to draw your blood?

Do the police have the right to draw your blood? Did you know that in Florida, if there is an accident, and the DUI suspect is taken to a hospital due to injury, a criminal investigation can be ongoing even if the suspected DUI driver is not arrested? Did you also know that under the [...]


Arrested on Multiple Drug Charges in Citrus County

Multiple Drug Charge Arrest in Citrus County A 75-year-old Citrus County man has been arrested and charged with selling significant amounts of marijuana. According to the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office, a search warrant served at a Floral City residence Tuesday morning resulted in this arrest. During the execution of the search warrant, detectives allegedly located 464 [...]

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Man Facing Federal Charges for Allegedly Groping Woman on Flight

Man Facing Federal Charges for Allegedly Groping Woman on Flight A 49-year-old Tampa man is facing federal charges after being accused of inappropriate behavior on a flight. The man appeared in federal court in Albuquerque, N.M., on a criminal complaint charging him with abusive sexual contact.  The charge against the man arose out of an in-flight incident [...]

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“Cease and desist” letter from police sent to Google to stop revealing DWI (DUI) Checkpoints.

Cease and desist CBS New York reported last week that the New York City Police Department sent a letter to Google to cease disclosing the location of police through alerts on the Google acquired application “Waze.” Waze is a direction-based application for motorists. Google purchased Waze back in 2013 as a crowd-sourced application for motorists. CBS New [...]

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Don’t lie! When in doubt remain silent.

When in doubt remain silent You have the right to remain silent, why would you lie?  Are you smarter than everyone and convinced you can talk your way out of a situation?  Does someone have a gun pointed to your head threatening to pull the trigger if you don’t lie?  Are you so intimidated by a [...]

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Restoration of Felon Gun Rights in Florida

Restoration of Felon Gun Rights in Florida The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees each American the right to keep and bear arms.  In a perfect world, as both U.S. and Florida citizens, we are afforded certain other rights as well– the right to vote, to serve on a jury, and to hold public office.  However, [...]

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How Does Expungement Work in Florida?

How Does Expungement Work in Florida? If you have an arrest or criminal record, it can be hard for you to find a job or to gain approval for housing. Having a mark on your record may also make it difficult for you to obtain professional licensure in your chosen degree field. In Florida, it [...]

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