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When you run into trouble with the law, it can get confusing, and the lack of knowledge could be your pitfall. You may not be aware of your rights. You may not know the regulations surrounding court proceedings. You may not know the value of facing the courtroom alone or having [...]

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Beyond Criminal Law Defense: Get to Know Richard F. Della Fera Better

Richard F. Della Fera has been a Fort Lauderdale lawyer for almost 20 years. He has become renowned in the industry mainly because of his stellar winning record. Find out how he got into the law profession, and discover his skills and passion beyond criminal law defense.  His BackgroundBorn in Wilmington, [...]

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Richard Della Fera Makes Law Accessible, Fights for Clients’ Rights

Law and music are two of the passions of Richard Della Fera. He applies their unique and intertwining values in everything he does, especially when representing clients. Just as music expresses a person’s or a group’s ideals, so should law represent the standard principles accepted by society. Likewise, law should be as [...]

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Top 5 Reasons to Hire Richard F. Della Fera as Your Defense Lawyer

Do you need legal representation for a criminal defense case, civil litigation, or appeal? Make sure you get an esteemed professional on your side. Here are the top 5 reasons to appoint Richard F. Della Fera as your defense lawyer. 1. Years of Criminal Law Experience For almost two decades, the accomplished [...]

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