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Busted Driving High In Florida

Determining if someone is driving while under the influence (DUI) of alcohol is often a fairly straightforward process. If the operator of the vehicle fails the sobriety test or blows above the legal limit of .08, the officer can then arrest the person and they will be charged with a DUI.

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“Innocent until proven guilty” is one of the foundations of our criminal justice system. If there is not sufficient evidence of one or more elements of the crime then the charge (or conviction if it’s an appeal) should be thrown out. In a case heard by the one of the Florida  District Court of Appeal, [...]

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What is Consent

In a DUI case can law enforcement obtain a blood sample without your consent In certain circumstances, the answer may be yes.  In Aguilar v. State, 43 Fla.L.Weekly D179a (3rd DCA 2018), Juan Aguilar appeals a conviction for DUI crimes DUI Manslaughter, DUI with a person or property damage, and DUI causing serious bodily injury, [...]

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House arrest-community control sentence in Florida

Community Control in Florida is a supervision program that is an alternative to incarceration only used in felony cases.  If you are sentenced to Community Control, you are confined to your home unless you are working, attending school, doing public service hours, participating in treatment, or any activity that has been approved by your Community [...]

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What’s a bails bond and how they work.

Bail bonds Being arrested doesn’t have to mean you will spend a significant amount of time in jail after your arrest. The bail bond system allows someone who has been arrested for a crime to be released from jail pending their trial.  How Bail Bonds are Set In most state courts the amount of the [...]

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Florida’s Harsh drug laws

Floridas drug laws Florida has some of the harshest drug laws throughout the nation. Even those who do not sell drugs could see over a decade in prison time if the court convicts them of any form of drug trafficking or distribution. What makes matters worse is Florida’s laws towards minimum sentencing. Under current standards, [...]

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Illegal Search, is Evidence Suppressed?

What many people fail to realize is that all citizens of the United States have a Fourth Amendment right against illegal searches created by the U.S. Constitution, and any evidence that comes from an illegal search may be suppressed at trial. Florida’s constitution in Article I, Section 12, creates state law that mimics and reiterates [...]

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Drug Possession with Children in the Car.

Drug Possession A suspected drug dealer was arrested for possession while allegedly carrying 70 baggies of possible heroin, four grams of marijuana, six grams of cocaine, $4,000 in cash — and had kids ages 1, 2 and 5 in his back seat, according to police. The multi-agency bust happened Tuesday afternoon after investigators got a tip that [...]

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