Insurance Fraud in Florida

Insurance Fraud in Florida Insurance fraud is a crime of dishonesty. Any time a person makes a false statement in order to get an insurance company to make payments that they don’t really owe, it can be considered insurance fraud in Florida. Florida law 817.234 makes it a crime to make false or fraudulent insurance [...]


Margate EX-Commissioner Facing Prison

Margate EX-Commissioner Facing Prison A former city commissioner in Florida is facing prison time after he was convicted of corruption charges arising from a tiki bar he operated in a strip mall. According to court records, a jury found 56-year-old David McLean guilty of bribery, official misconduct and theft charges late Monday. McLean was a commissioner in [...]

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Health Care Fraud

Health Care Fraud A second person arrested in a wide-ranging federal investigation into insurance fraud by South Florida sober homes has pleaded guilty to health care fraud conspiracy. The Sun-Sentinel reports the 45-year-old defendant conceded before the court that he had accepted nearly $250,000 in kickbacks to refer clients living in his sober living homes [...]

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