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Florida Passes Medical Marijuana- What You Need to Know

As almost all Floridians are aware, Amendment 2 was passed this election, giving Florida patients the right to use cannabis for medicinal purposes. The problem is that everyone is wondering, what now? Unfortunately, the best answer to that question is to wait. Despite the passing of this amendment, it still needs to be implemented before [...]

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Florida Wrongful Convection Law

Wrongful Incarceration? What happens when a prisoner is wrongfully accused of a crime? We can hardly deny that prison, for any length of time, can be a completely life changing experience. Especially if the wrongfully accused crime was something heinous such as sexual assault, homicide, or serious drug offenses. So what has the Florida government [...]

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Adept Fort Lauderdale Criminal Attorney on Your Rights When Arrested

Two college football players were arrested recently on charges of sexually assaulting a fellow student. An article from provides more details: “Police arrested UM linebackers 20-year-old Alex Figueroa and 20-year-old JaWand Blue on the charges, Tuesday. According to police, last Saturday, Figueroa and Blue took a 17-year-old teenage girl to a [...]

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A Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorney Does Workplace Theft Cases

Workplace theft accusations are one of those things that may inevitably break the trust between employer and employee, and so must be resolved to keep the peace. However, what if the accused is the employer? David Ovalle of the Miami-Dade Herald reports: A Homestead woman fraudulently obtained hundreds of thousands of dollars [...]

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Insurance Defense: Tricky Without a Fort Lauderdale Criminal Lawyer

A rather peculiar lawsuit in Florida serves as a reminder about just how important it is for insurance companies to have a reliable insurance defense lawyer on their side. According to Insurance Magazine America, homeowner Kathy Johnson sued Omega Insurance Inc. after the latter dismissed the dangers posed by a nearby [...]

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Facts from a Fort Lauderdale Criminal Lawyer: All about Injunctions

Recently, an organization for the disabled based in Florida filed a case against Dade Correctional, as reported by the Miami Herald’s Julie K. Brown: The Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Michael D. Crews, and Wexford Health Systems ignored the widespread torture and abuse that mentally ill inmates have suffered for years at [...]

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Fort Lauderdale Criminal Attorney: On Admissibility of Video Evidence

A news story in the Miami Herald dated September 9, 2014 talks about how Miami Beach PD is thinking of integrating video technology into police work to record important interactions with the public: Smile, Miami Beach. Cops, code enforcement and parking officials could soon be filming their encounters with you. The city [...]

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