Ft Lauderdale Criminal Appeals

I want an appeal. What do I do? A question that usually comes in criminal appeals is, “I want an appeal, what do I do?” Here is the scenario: You went to court and things didn’t go the way you planned; now you want to appeal the judgment. One of the most important issues you can [...]

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Improper search

Improper Search...depends on the definition of Curtilage If evidence was gained by the police through illegal means, that evidence can be suppressed. The U.S. Constitution protects Americans against unreasonable searches and seizures by law enforcement. Suppression means that the evidence cannot be presented in court. If evidence that should have been suppressed is presented, and [...]

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Florida’s stand your ground law

Is Florida's Stand your ground law retroactive The Florida Supreme Court will take up a question about whether a 2017 change to Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” self-defense law should apply to older cases.  The 2017 change shifted the burden of proof from the defense to the prosecution. Two appellate courts have split about whether the [...]


Sealing a criminal record in Florida

Being arrested can be a scary and very embarrassing ordeal.  After an arrest, a person’s criminal record is public information and can be viewed on request by pretty much anyone.  That means potential employers, friends or your employer can look into why you were arrested and what happened. Most often, people want their criminal records [...]

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Concealed carry laws in Florida

What you need to know about Florida's concealed carry law The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (the Department) issues licenses to carry concealed weapons or concealed firearms in the State of Florida and they are good for 7 years.  Concealed weapons or concealed firearms are defined as a handgun, electronic weapon or device, [...]


Traffic Collision and Facing Drug Crimes

Traffic collision-facing crimes One Florida teen is facing multiple charges related to drug crimes and related activities after a traffic collision in Ocala. The crash, which took place on March 13 at around 3:00 in the morning, involved a large semi-truck fuel tanker and a silver Toyota Corolla. It occurred at a Kangaroo gas station [...]


Direct appeal and Post conviction relief

What are the differences between Direct appeal and Post-conviction relief In the event that someone is found guilty of a crime during a criminal trial, The initial trial conviction isn't always final, and there are several ways that the case can be examined again. Between a direct appeal and post-conviction relief motion, a criminal conviction can [...]

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Sexting and the law According to a recent article in the New York Times, former Democratic Congressman and New York City mayoral candidate, Anthony Weiner has entered a guilty plea to a federal charge of obscenity.  Weiner entered his plea in federal court, pleading to a charge of “transferring obscene material to a minor.”  The [...]


Tips on Appealing a Criminal Case

Nothing in the criminal justice system is ever taken lightly. For an accused to be deemed guilty, the verdict should come without a shadow of a doubt. Even then, there are situations in which the counsel of the accused can opt to have the case appealed in the Appeals court. Contemporaneous and Specific Objections To [...]

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sports marketing consultant Job list

a place marketing consultant primary accountability is connected to preparing special events for people and thus small-businesses. They also work with occasion and even cruise directors, collection nike limited jerseys causes and therefore. solution coach Job evidence instructors and also consultants railway virtually anyone in an expert how to obtain precise corporate aims. product sales [...]

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