Miami Defense Attorney Della Fera has extensive experience representing insurance companies and their insured’s in first-party and third-party cases, as well as coverage matters and bad faith cases. Civil/insurance cases are often settled out of court, although the decision is ultimately the client’s. Civil Litigation Defense Attorney Della Fera’s extensive trial experience gives you the option of going to court if you have a strong case or if negotiations fail.

General negligence
Premises liability
Insurance risk management

What to Expect

  1. Initial consultation: determine relevance and analyze information of case.
  2. Filing a response: If a lawsuit (called a complaint) is filed, Attorney Della Fera will file a response to the complaint.
  3. Discovery: After formal papers have been filed, the discovery process begins. During discovery, each party learns what the other party knows about the case by requesting specific documents, answers to written questions, and answers under oath in depositions. Discovery can continue for a period of weeks, months, or (in extremely complex cases) a year or more.
  4. Settlement negotiations: As discovery proceeds, so do discussions regarding a settlement. Settlement is often a good option to end cases with an acceptable resolution to the matter.
  5. Summary judgment: In some cases, it may be appropriate to file a summary judgment motion asking the judge to dismiss the case or make a final ruling without a complete trial.
  6. Trial: In the event settlement negotiations fail, Defense Attorney Della Fera is an expert trial attorney who will take your case to court for resolution.
Palm Beach County Civil Court
Result: No Negligence foundCivil Litigation Attorney Della Fera represented a nightclub in Palm Beach County where a young man was in a fight with another patron and had 4 front teeth knocked out. Man claimed the nightclub failed to protect him in the argument and was seeking compensation for dental implant surgery, as well as, past and future pain and suffering. Defense attorney Della Fera was able to demonstrate to the jury that the fight was too brief for the nightclub’s employees to foresee and prevent.

Miami-Dade Civil Court
Result: Client Not Negligent. Client, a South Florida nightclub, accused of negligent security and causing injuries to 3 plaintiffs seeking nearly $500,000 in damages. Miami Defense Attorney Della Fera investigated the case, deposed the employees and other eyewitnesses and then took the case to trial. The jury awarded only one of the plaintiffs $8,000. Della Fera was thus able to collect fees and costs for the client based upon findings of no negligence as to the other two plaintiffs.

Miami-Dade Civil Court
Result: Won jury award, retrieved life’s savings A 91 year old woman was swindled out of her life’s saving by her niece. Client’s niece was able to misappropriate her aunt’s funds by using her ATM card and forging her signature on checks. Client hired South Florida defense attorney Della Fera to represent her case in arguing the niece had no right to the funds and was the culprit in the theft. Della Fera convinced the jury and was able to recover the money to return to his client.