It is normal to want to fight back if there is clear and imminent danger to you and your loved ones.  Even when a confrontation involves the discharge of a firearm, you can still prove your case before the court, and in effective fashion, with the assistance of a criminal defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale like Mr. Richard Della Fera. Certain defenses cases may prove difficult. Take Brevard County resident John Franklin Derossett’s case, for example. defense-attorney

Trying to Shield

John Torres of Florida Today writes that the suspect opened fire on three Brevard County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) deputies who were arresting his niece, Mary Ellyn Derossett, for prostitution. The purported client was in fact an undercover agent who responded to her ad in a leading escort service listing site.

A BCSO representative said the shootout took place when the suspect fired a warning shot into the air as the agents were taking the woman away. The suspect was forced to surrender after being hit once, but not before a deputy who accompanied the undercover operative was seriously wounded. Mr. Derossett currently faces three counts of attempted murder of a law-enforcement officer.

Two Sides of the Equation

Discussions with your lawyer regarding what happened are important in order to reconstruct the entire incident and search for potential loopholes to exploit when arguing your case in court. Derossett insists that he made the warning shot after he saw the deputies moving in on his niece and they fired at him, causing him to shoot back. He alleges that the agents wouldn’t properly identify themselves; it is not known if a warrant was actually presented to the younger Derossett.

Firearms registry issues are often used by the prosecution as a tool against you. The suspect claimed he had a concealed weapons permit and five registered firearms, including the one used in the incident. He has no prior criminal history. As the younger Derossett was unaware of the client’s actual identity, this may be a valid defense as entrapment by undercover operatives, a FindLaw article states.

Standing your ground or using extraordinary means to protect life and property is a natural human reaction. Adequate representation by a skilled attorney may strengthen your case and result in the best possible outcome for you.

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