Affixing signatures is one way of giving weight to official documentation for certain activities, from bank checks to something as vital as international documents. Problems are sure to arise, however, if one’s signature is affixed to a document by another person. If this is your dilemma, you must sort out this crisis with a criminal attorney such as Richard F. Della Fera by your side.court-evidence

Posers Beware?

Florida Statute Title 46, Chapter 831 describes forgery and reviewing your case with your lawyer can help in reconciling the facts about the problem, which could be a third-degree felony. Chapter 831-1 details the various items that may be vulnerable to unauthorized reproduction, including deeds of sale, public documents detailing signatures of any government official, or bills of exchange or lading.


A forgery case may be effectively defended especially when a criminal defense lawyer has strong evidence to aid the client’s argument. According to FindLaw, the defense may create coherent arguments to claim that there was no intent to defraud a victim by way of an allegedly forged document. Even if there are several forged signatures in one document, each signature could be considered separately.

Exhibit A

Forgery cases can span several counties, states and countries. As reported by Peter Burke of Local 10 WPLG in Miami, a 34-year-old Key Largo resident, Michael Vaught, was caught by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department for allegedly selling a boat trailer to a Miami Lakes resident under false pretense.

Initial investigations revealed that the suspect posed as the manager of the Snake Creek Marina in Islamorada and offered a female visitor $1,400 to buy her 30-foot trailer stored at the complex. When the woman sought a higher price, the suspect later stole the trailer and used the woman’s signature in a deed of sale, under power of attorney. The suspect was charged with using a false document, forgery, grand theft, and selling stolen goods.

Forgery is a crime, regardless of form or degree. If you ever get implicated in such a crime, you can count on an experienced criminal defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale, such as Richard F. Della Fera, to help you fight the allegations.

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