When in doubt remain silent

You have the right to remain silent, why would you lie?  Are you smarter than everyone and convinced you can talk your way out of a situation?  Does someone have a gun pointed to your head threatening to pull the trigger if you don’t lie?  Are you so intimidated by a police officer that you feel it will help your situation?  STOP, THINK, GET THE BEST ATTORNEY! NOW!

For those who come in contact with the criminal justice system, don’t lie. It isn’t about trying to beat the system or beat a charge or charges.  It is the right thing to do and the only way to carry yourself!  If that isn’t enough for you, let me give you a little known secret: it is the very best way to have a successful outcome in any situation involving allegations or arrest.  Success, real empirically proven major league success in court and trial, involves either remaining silent or telling the truth (after having an attorney at your side, don’t ever say anything without an attorney present).  Success in any outcome where the government is trying to take your life, liberty or property involves truth and justice.

Lying is a guaranteed recipe for disaster and a ruse founded on smoke and mirrors, not a strategy for anyone under any circumstance involving any profession.

The phrase is one that has manifested out of hundreds of trials and the devastating effect it has when someone does not heed the lifelong warning: Don’t ever lie, you have every right NOT to try and outsmart others with deceit and lies.  You have every right to remain silent (although for most people the ability to remain silent often escapes them when questioned by the police, sheriffs, special agents and anyone in the criminal justice system).

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