How a DUI can affect your medical license

It’s common knowledge that a DUI conviction can come with consequences: a driver’s license suspension, fines, even jail time. Below, let’s take a look at how a DUI conviction in Florida could affect a medical professional.

Reporting Your Conviction

Medical professionals have 30 days to report to their professional board that they have been convicted of a crime. That means that they do not have to report the fact that they were arrested to their professional board. Depending on the professional’s license, upon conviction, they may only have 15 days to update their online profile, as well.

Unfortunately, DUI convictions are taken very seriously by these medical boards, and it is likely that they will take action against the individual once they report their conviction. The Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation or the Department of Health may launch an investigation to ensure that their work has not been compromised and a summary suspension may be issued.

Possible medical board sanctions for a DUI include:

  1. Fines
  2. Probation
  3. The revocation of a professional license
  4. Random alcohol and drug testing
  5. Mandatory counseling
  6. A “Letter of Concern” in the individual’s professional file

As you can see, these sanctions can be significant and further complicated the fallout from a DUI conviction. That is why it is so crucial for these medical professionals to retain skilled, proven counsel to handle their DUI charge. It’s not just a driver’s license and fines that are on the line– their professional careers can also be dramatically affected.

Possible Sanctions

Once the professional board completes their investigation of the individual,  they may provide further sanctions against them. Keep in mind, these are in addition any criminal and administrative penalties the individual has already been sentenced for their conviction.

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