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Miami Commissioner Found Not Guilty in Driving Under the Influence Case

Miami-Dade County commissioner, Jose “Pep” Diaz, was found not guilty this week of driving under the influence. Diaz was arrested in September after he was pulled over to the side of the road for speeding while riding his motorcycle in Key West. The field sobriety test was caught on the dashboard cam and recorded the [...]

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Seeking the Legal Counsel You Deserve

There are more than 1 million lawyers in the United States. That sounds like a lot, but in reality, it’s not. A little over 1 million criminal lawyers is just not enough to handle all the crime and cases that this country sees on a regular basis. Federal criminal attorneys are doing the best they [...]

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The Importance of Consulting With Experienced DUI Lawyers

The DUI appeal process can be extremely stressful, but it’s absolutely necessary if there is even a chance the offending party is innocent. You have to fight for your well being because a wrongful DUI conviction could change your life. Taking the necessary steps if you’re involved in a DUI case is extremely important. Every [...]

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Tips on Appealing a Criminal Case

Nothing in the criminal justice system is ever taken lightly. For an accused to be deemed guilty, the verdict should come without a shadow of a doubt. Even then, there are situations in which the counsel of the accused can opt to have the case appealed in the Appeals court. Contemporaneous and Specific Objections To [...]

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Some Errors your Defense Attorney Can Use to his Advantage

Every defendant in a criminal case is given a chance to appeal the court’s decision. In a number of cases, the arguments may center around various “errors” they claim the prosecution made. A skilled criminal lawyer will help push your case back from the brink. Here are some error types that defense attorneys argue for [...]

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The True Cost of a DUI Conviction in Florida

A DUI conviction could haunt a driver for the rest of their life. While many of the initial penalties are quite severe, not everyone realizes exactly what they will be facing in the following months and years. In some instances, a DUI can even be upgraded to a felony charge that will require a criminal [...]

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In Defense of Those Charged With State and Federal Crimes

Those charged with criminal offenses in Florida face some potentially harsh penalties. The role of the criminal defense attorney is to protect the rights of criminal defendants and to find the best possible outcome of each case. Understanding Criminal Laws The myriad of laws in this country are administered under both state and federal law. [...]

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