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Murder VS Manslaughter, what is the difference

Murder versus Manslaughter in Florida It is important to know the difference and consequences if you're charged with the death of a person. below are the differences between Murder versus Manslaughter in Florida. First-degree murder is when someone has intended or preformed actions that show that the intent was to take the life of another [...]

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Can the police take my stuff?

Can the police take my stuff? It is frustrating and frightening to have the government take your things. You may not understand why. And you may not understand your rights here. You’re arrested for a Driving with License Canceled/Suspended or Revoked on your motorcycle. Suddenly the police officer calls a tow truck to haul your [...]


What Is Testimony

What Is Testimony What Is Testimony? As your case proceeds, you’ll meet with your attorney – and talk to them on the phone. Your attorney is going to talk to you about evidence. In a criminal case, evidence is what the State uses to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. This may have you [...]

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Texting and driving in Florida

If you’re thinking about texting while driving you may want to rethink it. On July 1st a new bill will take effect – allowing the police to stop you and ticket you for driving and texting. It has been illegal to be Texting and driving in Florida for years – however, the police have been [...]

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Criminal Defense Questions in Florida

Criminal Defense Questions in Florida An arrest and criminal charge can be a stressful or even frightening experience, and you want the right legal representation right away. What criminal defense questions should you ask? Most people in the South Florida area have little to no experience with the criminal justice system. They might be unsure [...]


Insurance Fraud in Florida

Insurance Fraud in Florida Insurance fraud is a crime of dishonesty. Any time a person makes a false statement in order to get an insurance company to make payments that they don’t really owe, it can be considered insurance fraud in Florida. Florida law 817.234 makes it a crime to make false or fraudulent insurance [...]


Busted Driving High In Florida

Determining if someone is driving while under the influence (DUI) of alcohol is often a fairly straightforward process. If the operator of the vehicle fails the sobriety test or blows above the legal limit of .08, the officer can then arrest the person and they will be charged with a DUI.

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You’ve Violated Your Probation – Now What?

Probation is always preferable to jail, but the key to successful probation is to avoid violating it. And that means knowing what kinds of conduct rise to the level of violations. In Florida, such conduct can include refusing to pay fines ordered by the court; traveling or meeting with certain people without first seeking permission [...]

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