The primary goal of a criminal attorney is to keep his client out of jail and ensure that no human or legal rights are violated. The lawyer has to determine and establish certain grounds to make sure that he wins his client’s case, among which are insufficient evidence, lack of probable cause, and erroneous criminal complaint.rights-when-arrested-in-florida

According to an article published at, when police officers in Florida are making an arrest, they are required to identify themselves to the person in question, then inform him properly that he is about to be taken into custody due to specific reasons or accusations. This procedure may not happen in all cases, though, for some circumstances like violent standoffs and highway pursuits, leave officers no choice but to arrest the offender immediately.

Getting detained without an arrest warrant is also possible in the state, but only if there are sufficient circumstances for the police officer to believe that you have just committed or are caught in the act of committing a felony. Other situations for a non-warrant apprehension are when the felony was carried out or was being done at the presence of an officer, and a warrant had already been issued before and is still in effect.

Arrest and Detention in Florida

Being stopped by an officer or investigator while you are merely walking in a public location doesn’t indicate that you are already to be taken into custody.

Under Florida’s laws, a local officer may only conduct a minor “frisk” or quick inspection of your clothing to see if you are carrying any illegal weapons, and will not hold you for longer. Unless the officer has sufficient or justifiable proof of your involvement in a crime, you also have the right not to answer any questions nor provide your name in case of an attempt to hold you for an interrogation.

If you do get arrested, however, having the right to an attorney should be used to your benefit, particularly if you are involved in more serious criminal charges like assault, robbery, and murder.

No probable cause to arrest is the foremost ground that the lawyer has to justify for you to be released. A certain witness’ profile matching yours is a common example for a probable cause to an arrest that a seasoned criminal attorney in Fort Lauderdale like Richard F. Della Fera is experienced enough to impugn. Such defense lawyers recognize the stress and burden of being falsely accused, and will do their best to advocate for your innocence during litigation.


Getting a Criminal Charge Dismissed,

If you are arrested in Florida,