The internet is a free space for social interactions and information archives. Oddly, however, the internet is also filled with many intellectual and creative copyright infringement cases.

The copy-paste idea, along with social media practices like repost, retweet, and pin sometimes creates troubling issues for businesses and individuals alike. The idea of what is public in the Internet does not exactly denote “free” content, and the opposite is also applicable. When is accrediting the artist/writer necessary? When is “free” content really free? These are just some of the pressing issues that surrounds the world of online copyright.internet-copyright-problems-why-you-need-a-criminal-defense-attorney-e1435029858600

In fact, pending state bills by Florida lawmakers governing the use of internet-based content are creating a stir, with internet companies and First Amendment advocates opposing the bills. As reported on CIO Today, the proposed laws seek, among others, to regulate ownership of a person’s email and social media accounts upon the person’s death; and to require website owners who post commercial videos or recordings to publish their names, addresses, and other contact details. Opposition to the bill may be summarized by this statement from the Computer & Communications Industry Association (whose membership includes Facebook, Ebay, and Amazon): “Florida legislators are considering proposals that could undermine core principles that have helped keep the Internet open and free”.

Fort Lauderdale companies might be enforcing strict guidelines to ensure originality and avoid infringement issues, however the often blurred lines of ownership for content published on the Internet does not make anyone safe from copyright issues. It is true that there are people who blatantly ignore copyright laws, but there are also those who are accused of a crime they did not intentionally do. Persons or businesses in such a situations should immediately contact a criminal defense attorney who is experienced in white collar crimes, like Richard Della Fera Attorney.

All around the country and the world, there has been a rise in cases surrounding intellectual property ownership for content (including photos and videos) posted on the Web. As expert sources have said, while traditionally, damages and injunctions have been the common response to the unlawful use of copyrighted materials, widespread cases have made Internet copyright infringement a growing white collar crime.

There are times when companies would use “free” content on the Internet, thinking that they have covered all legal copyright grounds, but encounter a problem when the original source steps forward. A white collar criminal defense attorney can help resolve the issue before it affects the company’s reputation.


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