Miami-Dade County commissioner, Jose “Pep” Diaz, was found not guilty this week of driving under the influence.

Diaz was arrested in September after he was pulled over to the side of the road for speeding while riding his motorcycle in Key West.

The field sobriety test was caught on the dashboard cam and recorded the entire event. The video shows Diaz struggling to walk the straight line and arguing with the police officer. “You’re going to tell me, ‘Right. Left. Touch the tip of my nose right here,” Diaz said in the video moments before he fell over.

While the embarrassing video was being shown in court, Diaz’s wife and daughter looked on.

“I’m not proud of those moments,” Diaz said, “but I’ve learned a lot from them.”

Diaz refused to take a breathalyzer test two times during the video. Police also said he refused a breathalyzer test a third time back at the police station.

Diaz’s DUI appeals lawyer argued that an overweight man in his 50s with a third-degree burn on his leg — suffered from the exhaust pipe on his motorcycle — could have successfully performed the field sobriety test.

After the hearing and the not guilty verdict, Diaz — although embarrassed — was extremely relieved.

“I want to start out by thanking God, this has been quite a roller coaster,” Diaz said after the hearing, “It’s very emotional.”

Diaz was elected to the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners in September 2002 and was reelected in August 2014. Diaz will still have to pay a speeding citation.

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