Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Just because you’ve been accused of a crime doesn’t mean you forfeit your rights. In fact, your rights should be protected even more. If you require the help of a criminal defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale, do not hesitate to get in touch.

As a respected law firm in Fort Lauderdale, FL, the law office of Richard Della Fera Attorney can be trusted that they will do all they can in their power to protect the rights of every individual who seek their help. With numerous years of experience in defending the rights and reputation of his clients, Mr. Della Fera and his team are able to lend their legal knowledge and credibility to a variety of practice areas, including:

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Practice Areas

Trials can be emotionally and financially difficult for clients and their families. Additionally, cases can be tedious and risky. Clients accused of a crime have rights, and it is the job of a criminal defense attorney to ensure those rights are upheld. Having legal representation behind you and defending your case is essential in ensuring fair representation in the court of law.

Competent, Experienced and Knowledgeable Lawyer

Richard F. Della Fera is an experienced criminal lawyer based in Fort Lauderdale, and passionate about using his legal expertise for those in need of representation. Clients can rest assured that Mr. Della Fera will protect their constitutional rights at every step of the legal process. Richard Della Fera is also knowledgeable in post-conviction matters, and can help his clients negotiate for a modified sentence or for probation, whenever applicable.

Criminal defense law covers a wide range of cases and possible scenarios and outcomes, and it is reassuring to have a criminal attorney capable of tackling a broad range of legal issues. Above lists Mr. Della Fera’s areas of practice. While mostly focused on criminal defense, Mr. Della Fera also offers services for civil and insurance defense litigation. Call Mr. Della Fera for his services as a criminal defense attorney for your legal needs to achieve a successful resolution.

Whether you have been implicated in a crime, caught in post-conviction troubles, or involved in a civil lawsuit, Mr. Della Fera of RDF Attorney can apply his vast legal knowledge and experience as a criminal attorney to your case to achieve a successful resolution. RDF Attorney is particularly experienced in litigation issues both in criminal defense cases, as well as, civil and insurance defense.

The firm provides its legal services primarily to those in Fort Lauderdale/Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach Counties, and throughout Florida. To inquire about our services, you may visit our “Contact” page and fill out a Web form, or drop us a line at 954.514.9955. Mr. Della Fera also offers a free phone consultation or in person by appointment.

With Mr. Della Fera’s representation, you will better understand your legal rights, receive a realistic picture of your situation and clear guidance throughout the legal processes.