Law and music are two of the passions of Richard Della Fera. He applies their unique and intertwining values in everything he does, especially when representing clients. Just as music expresses a person’s or a group’s ideals, so should law represent the standard principles accepted by society. Likewise, law should be as accessible as music, so Della Fera takes it upon himself to fight for clients’ rights and help them get what is due.
 Take a look at some of his accomplished cases over the years:

Superior Court of USVI, U.S. Court of Appeals, Third Circuit

Result: Appeal Won, Retrial Granted, Case Dismissed, Released From Jail

Client was convicted of first degree murder in the U.S. Virgin Islands and was sentenced to life without parole. Based on a ruling overturning a conviction Attorney Della Fera obtained for a co-defendant in this case, this client’s conviction was also overturned. Client hired Della Fera for a his re-trial which ended in a dismissal by the court during the jury trial.

U.S Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit

Result: Sentence Overturned, Client Avoids Prison Term

A young mother was convicted of currency transaction violation and received the maximum guideline sentence (6 months in prison) because she refused to give information regarding her husband. Criminal Defense Attorney Della Fera appealed the sentence. He presented the argument that it is unconstitutional to give a greater sentence than in the guidelines and convinced the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals that his client’s sentence was illegally imposed by the sentencing judge. This case is notable, as it was highlighted at a national criminal law seminar as one of a fraction of cases which will have a positive, long-lasting effect for all criminal defendants in the years to come.

Similar to all the cases that come his way, Richard Della Fera uses his extensive knowledge in his practice and exhausts his resources to get the facts straight. He ensures that his clients understand the issues relating to their case, so they don’t get lost during the typically stressful legal proceedings. He ardently pursues the outcome that his clients deserve, in accordance with the law.

The mission of making law accessible for all may be tough, but you can take part in it by seeking legal representation whenever possible. Call Richard Della Fera at 954-514-9955 if you need help with criminal defense cases, civil or insurance litigation, and appeals.