A DUI conviction could haunt a driver for the rest of their life. While many of the initial penalties are quite severe, not everyone realizes exactly what they will be facing in the following months and years. In some instances, a DUI can even be upgraded to a felony charge that will require a criminal defense attorney.

The Initial Fees
The fines that are given after a DUI will come from the judge as well as the DMV. These initial costs can be as high as $2,000 for a first-time offender. The driver might also have to pay hundreds of dollars in court fees and additional money to get their car out of the impound lot. All DUI convictions in Florida require the installation of an ignition interlock device, and the driver will be responsible for the costs associated with installing, maintaining, and uninstalling this device.

Additional Penalties
The final cost of a single DUI can easily move past $15,000 due to the initial court fines, DMV fees, and increased insurance premiums. Drivers will also be required to take a state-approved alcohol education course before their license is reinstated. Repeat offenders and those that have caused injuries or deaths while driving under the influence have a very high chance of their DUI being upgraded to a felony. No matter what is given as the final charge, a driver will generally face at least some time in jail.