When a person is arrested for a DUI, their life can immediately become confusing and challenging. In the hours and days following the arrest, a person’s memory of the events leading up to the traffic stop and arrest can become fuzzy. It is not long before panic sets in the arrested driver starts to think about what this arrest will mean for their future.dui

When a person is arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol in Fort Lauderdale, the very first phone call they should make is to a criminal attorney. The sooner they have a trained lawyer working on their case, the easier it is going to be for them to avoid unnecessary charges. Unfortunately, many people have the mistaken idea that they should only contact an attorney once they have been charged with the crime. This is just not true. If the arrested individual does not have an attorney with them during police interrogations, they may inadvertently admit to committing a crime that they did not commit. Worse, they may accidentally say something that will undermine their defense.

A criminal attorney in Fort Lauderdale can serve as a guide to help their clients through the legal system. Getting lost in the thousands of criminal laws that could apply in any given situation is overwhelming for the average individual who finds themselves arrested. Without proper guidance, an arrested individual could make decisions that would put their life, their financial future, and their freedom in jeopardy.

One of the most valuable traits that a criminal defense attorney brings to the table is that they are able to look at any accusation of a crime with fresh and unbiased eyes. They have the experience necessary to advise you when it is a good idea to accept a plea bargain, when it is a good idea to defend yourself in court, and when there is a chance that the conviction will be thrown out of court entirely. Criminal defense attorneys are dedicated to helping their clients avoid paying excessively heavy consequences for their crimes.

When a person gets arrested for the first time, it is easy for their emotions to take control. A criminal defense attorney understands the law, and they are able to use the law to give their clients the best outcome in court.

Criminal Defense Lawyers Help Protect Clients’ Rights, Ohio State Bar Association