Being accused of a crime you never took part in may be one of the worst things that could happen to you. Worse, no matter how clean or spotless your record is, there is always that looming possibility that your name might be dragged into a criminal case. A witness or victim can wrongfully identify you as the perpetrator, and to prove your innocence, you will have to be ready to prepare your case.


Being prepared for the worst doesn’t automatically mean you have a cynical view of Fort Lauderdale’s justice system, it simply means that you’re smart enough to proceed with caution. If you are ever falsely accused of a crime you did not commit, contact a trusted criminal attorney in Fort Lauderdale as soon as possible.


Remember that You Have the Right to Remain Silent


Everyone involved, not only the accused, has the right to remain silent. Avoid talking without a lawyer present, and when asked about the incident, simply decline respectfully until an attorney is available. Remember that what the accused and the others involved have said can be used by the prosecution to incriminate the defendant. You should also insist on a search warrant; you have the right to stop the police from searching your premises without the proper authorization.


Gather Information and Establish Your Alibi


Establishing one’s alibi is extremely vital because it proves that the accused has had no opportunity to commit the crime. Gather photos, videos, clothing or any physical evidence related to the event and provide documents, as well as phone and GPS records that can prove your location at any given time. Be sure to list down potential witnesses who can vouch for your movements or provide any information regarding the case.


Do not Destroy Evidence That You Think Will Harm You


Do not ever create a fake alibi or destroy evidence that you believe will cause harm to your situation; doing so will only make you seem suspicious and may even lead to more criminal charges. Furthermore, don’t make contact with the victim or the other witnesses of the case lest they assume that you’re trying to manipulate them and influence their judgment.


Being falsely accused can be an extremely harrowing experience. If ever you find yourself in this position, make sure to consult a skilled Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney like Richard F. Della Fera to help you with your case.


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